Joules to Volts

Joules (J) to Volts (V) calculator and how to calculate

Joules (J) to Volts (V) calculator

Energy in joules: J
Charge in coulombs: C

Volts: V

Joules (J) to Volts (V) conversion

Convert energy in joules (J) to electrical voltage in volts (V)

The voltage V, in Volts (V) across an electrical circuit is calculated by dividing the Energy E, in Joules (J) by the Charge Q in coulomb (C).

V(V) = E(J) / Q(C)


Volt = joule / coulomb


V = J / C


If the energy consumption in an electrical circuit is 90 Joules and the charge flowing through the circuit is 3 coulombs, calculate the voltage supply across the circuit.


V = 90J / 3C = 30V