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Amps (A) to Volt-amps (VA) calculator and how to calculate

Amps (A) to Volt-amps (VA) converter

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Amps to VA conversion

Electric current in amps (A) to apparent power in volt-amps (VA)

Single phase amps to VA conversion

In this case, we will be calculating the apparent power S, SI unit volt-amps (VA). The apparent power is calculated by multiplying the RMS voltage V, in volts with the Current I, in amps (A).

S(VA) = I(A) × V(V)


Volt-amps = Volts × amps


VA = A × V


If the current through a circuit is 10A and the Voltage is 110V, what is the apparent power across the circuit?


S = 10A × 110V = 1100VA

3 phase amps to VA conversion

Apparent power S (VA), in this case, is equivalent to the line in line RMS VL-L voltage, in volts (V) times the current I, in amps (A) times the square root of 3.

S(VA) = 3 × I(A) × VL-L(V)


Volt-amps is equal to the square root of 3 multiplied by Volts times amps

Volt-amps = 3 × amps × volts


VA = 3 × A × V


Calculate the apparent power, given that the Voltage across a circuit is 110V and the current is 10A


S = √3 × 10A × 110V = 1905VA