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Electron-volts (eV) to Volts (V) calculator and how to calculate

Electron-volts (eV) to Volts (V) calculator

Energy in electron-volts: eV
Charge unit type:
Elementary charge: e

Volts: V

How to convert energy in electron-volts (eV) to electrical voltage in volts (V)

Electron-volts (eV) and Volts (V) are SI units used to express different quantities. Electron-volt is the amount of energy, equivalent to the work done while accelerating an electron across a potential difference of a Volt. Therefore, you can derive the electrical voltage, in volts (V), from electron volts (eV) and elementary charge, in Coulombs (C). However, you cannot convert electron volts into electrical voltage.

Using eV and elementary charge e to Calculate Voltage V

Given the energy E (eV) and the electric charge Q (e), you can calculate the voltage V (V). In this case, you should divide the electron-volts by the elementary charge, also referred to as the electron or proton charge, as follows:

V(V) = E(eV) / Q(e)

The symbol e is used to represent the elementary charge, which is the electric charge contained in one electron.


Volt = electron volt / elementary charge


V = eV / e


Work out the voltage supply of an electrical circuit, in volts, given that the energy consumption by the circuit is 900 electron-volts, if the charge flow through the circuit is 30 electron charges.


V = 900eV / 30e = 30V

Using eV and Elementary charge Q to calculate Voltage V

It is also possible to calculate the voltage V, in volts (V), across two points using the electrical charge Q, in coulombs C and energy E, in electron-volts (eV). In this case, you should multiply the energy E by 1.602176565×10-19 and then divide the result by the electrical charge Q, as follows:

V(V) = 1.602176565×10-19 × E(eV) / Q(C)


volt = 1.602176565×10-19 × electronvolt / coulomb


V = 1.602176565×10-19 × eV / C


If the consumption of an electrical circuit is 800 electron-volts, calculate the voltage supply, in volts across the circuit, given that it has a charge flow of 3C.


V = 1.602176565×10-19 × 800eV / 3C = 4.2724×10-17V